Retro Remix: 10 Vintage outfits for men

Retro Remix: 10 Vintage outfits for men

Imagine a time machine where style travels through different times, and the cool Retro Remix trend is in charge. Today, we're going on an exciting journey through the 70s, 80s, and 90s – three super famous decades that shaped how guys dress. Let's scroll down into vintage clothing and see how it's evolved over the years. We'll also explore ways to give those vintage outfits for men a modern twist that is perfect for today's style. Get ready to rock the present era with these awesome looks!


Exploring 70s, 80s, and 90s Vintage Fashion

The 70s were a time when people loved expressing themselves and being flashy. This era brought us big collar shirts, bell-bottom pants, and the craze of disco dancing that took over dance floors. The 80s embraced power dressing with sharp silhouettes, power suits, and neon hues, epitomised by Michael Jackson's red leather jacket in the iconic "Thriller" video. As we stepped into the rebellious 90s, grunge took centre stage with flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and an anti-establishment attitude.

Let's talk about how the leather jacket has changed over time – it's always been a symbol of rebellion. In the 70s, rebels and cool people wore it a lot. Then, in the 80s, rockstars made it super cool. The 90s brought a more relaxed style, with big leather jackets casually worn over plaid shirts. Now, in modern times, the leather jacket is still popular and can be worn by anyone for a stylish look. It's proof that something bold can become a must-have for today's fashion.


10 Vintage Outfits for Men

Now, let's dive deeper into our mens 90s fashion ideas lookbook that showcases 10 vintage outfits. We'll play with different fits, styles, and accessories to take your vintage game to the next level.

1. Disco Dapper look

Revive the stylish men's 70s vibe with a bowling shirt, bell-bottom pants, and Chelsea boots and complete the look with leather finish Chelsea boots. Choose a bowling shirt with a good fun pattern, and add a cool touch with this throwback outfit. This modern touch on vintage-inspired fashion ensures you look fashion-forward, whether you're heading towards college or shopping.

Best Bowling shirt for vintage fashion

2. Old school Aesthetic

Bring the cool style from the 80s into the future with a quarter-zipped sweater, neither too skinny nor too oversized go for a relaxed style. Add a basic white t-shirt under your sweater and go for baggy trousers for bottoms. Finish off the look with white sneakers, slim leather belt and classic Wayfarer sunglasses. Carry this aesthetic look to special events or brunch outs.

3. Grunge Gentleman

To get a gentleman look, mix the 90s style with a modern touch. Wear a leather jacket over a simple grey t-shirt. Pair it with relaxed blue denim jeans. Finish the look with sturdy combat boots and a slim tough leather belt for a rugged and charming appearance. Carry this outfit on date nights and special occasions to feel the drip.

leather jacket mens

4. Street Smart Nostalgia

Create a cool vintage outfit for men by blending 80s street style with a retro vibe. Put on an oversized varsity jacket with comfortable chinos and good-quality white sneakers. Add a snapback hat and a leather wristband to complete the look. This look is inspired by the awesome time when hip-hop was at its best. Great for those guys who enjoy vintage outfits for men.

Best varsity jacket for men

5. Modern Romantic

Capture the vibe of the romantic 70s by wearing an oversized dark-shaded turtleneck with well-fitted trousers tucked with the belt. Pick a muffler for a classy look. Finish off with tassel loafers and transparent eyewear. This outfit effortlessly combines vintage charm with modern trends.

90s fashion outfits

6. Techno Explorer

Rock the cool late 80s and early 90s style with a shirt with vertical stripes and comfy Gurkha pants. Add reflective details and complete the outfit with stylish, snaffle loafers. This explorer look is just right for those into urban fashion adventures and looking for awesome 90s fashion outfits.

mens 90s fashion ideas

7. Boho Wanderer

Get that easygoing 70s boho style with a flowery patterned shirt and slim-fit jeans. Put on a denim jacket in a matching colour to jeans, a wide-brimmed hat, and round sunglasses for accessories to finish the carefree boho voyager look. This outfit is all about the relaxed vibes of that era.

8. Modern drifter

Combine the styles of the 80s fashion by wearing a cotton oversized half-sleeved shirt, white tank top and zed black jeans. Add your black canvas shoes for footwear. Complete this retro outfit for men with a chain and pendant and standout sunglasses for a nomadic edge. Carry this outfit when shopping or travelling.

Retro outfit ideas for men

9. Sporty Rebel

Get a sporty yet willful look by bringing back the 90s vintage vibe. Wear an oversized white tee with shorts and old-school sneakers. Put on an oversized aesthetic sweater for extra coolness. This athletic vintage style is all about mixing comfort with street-style flair, perfect for those who are into 90s fashion for men.

10. Retro Elegance

Take up your style game with a chunky knitted sweater, pair it with your comfortable cargo pants and accessorise your style with a trendy. Choose sporty sneakers for the footwear. This outfit seems perfect for a music concert or food festival. 

90s fashion outfits


Discover a variety of awesome retro outfit ideas for men inspired by the past 70s 80s and 90s fashion. The Retro Remix trend is about encouraging each era's unique spirit while letting you add your modern twist. So, gentlemen, let your style transcend time as you confidently strut through the present era with a nod to the past, showcasing a fashion journey that's as diverse as the decades themselves



 1. How can I incorporate vintage style into my modern wardrobe?

Retro Remix provides 10 trendy outfit ideas, combining the best of 70s, 80s, and 90s fashion for men, making it easy to add a vintage touch to your look.

2. Where can I find the featured clothing items for the Retro Remix outfits?

The blog suggests various styling options, and you can find similar items at popular fashion retailers, vintage shops, or online platforms that specialise in retro fashion.

3. Can I wear these outfits for different occasions?

Absolutely! The blog provides versatile options suitable for casual outings, special events, or even date nights, ensuring you can rock the Retro Remix style wherever you go.


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