50s Retro Bowling shirts outfit ideas for Men

50s Retro Bowling shirts outfit ideas for Men

50s Retro Bowling Shirts, once a leading wear of bowling clubs only, and now made their way into the fashion world, becoming a statement piece for men with a good sense of style. These shirts have an interesting history, Men used to wear these retro bowling shirts just as sportswear but this stylish piece became a trendy fashion wear. In this Wtflex lookbook, we will dive into the journey of bowling shirts, exploring their interesting origins, how they came into trend, and of course, some unique vintage bowling shirt outfit ideas to help you rock this trend effortlessly.

A Bit of History

The beginning of bowling shirts can be linked back to the 1950s, an era known for its different fashion trends. Bowlers used to wear these bowling shirts to match the sporty vibe of the bowling Clubs, originally designed for practicality and comfort during bowling games, these shirts were characterized by their loose fit, bold patterns, and striking colors. 

How These 50s Retro bowling shirts came into the trend

Talking about the present fashion era, these iconic shirts are back in mainstream fashion, combining nostalgia with contemporary style. The rising interest in vintage fashion in GenZ and the desire for unique, eye-catching outfits have contributed to the revival of bowling shirts for men. Fashion influencers have made this classic piece even more stylish, adding their own touch of twists to create a classic piece suitable for various sorts of events.

Bowling shirts outfit ideas for Men 

You often get questions in your mind about what to wear with bowling shirts or how to style vintage bowling shirts so let’s quickly explore the fun part – styling these 50s Retro bowling shirts, Here are eight outfit ideas that perfectly outline the essence of Bowling shirts:


1. Classic Cool

For the very first outfit, You can pair your classic the youth culture Green Bowling Shirt with oversized denim jeans or you can also go for the cargo both look fab when paired. Add a sleek chain to the neck for a casual look. Complete the outfit with white sneakers – pairing white sneakers with a relaxed fit is like icing on the cake. This Combo isn’t just an outfit it will reflect your good fashion sense in relaxed fit outfits. Carry this outfit for a movie date or a fun out with friends. 


Green Bowling shirts trends


2. Retro Chic

If you love to wear old-school outfits, then this brown mens retro Bowling shirt is perfect to level up your style game. In this retro look, wear your bowling shirt by layering it with a white tank top and high-waisted black trousers, Add a classic Casio watch for the charm of old-school elegance. Finish off your look with chunky sneakers, showcasing your attention to detail. This outfit is one of the coolest Bowling shirts trends going on.

Bowling shirt vintage outfit ideas
3. Casual Fridays

For the casual Friday vibe, go for subtle colors like Pink and light blue. In our Bowling shirts outfit ideas for men lookbook, we have added an outfit that you can carry in your office also. Pair your subtle bowling shirt with your chino, Pairing with chinos because they align perfectly with the office atmosphere, there are some versatile colors in chinos that go almost with every outfit in the office. Slip into a pair of comfortable loafers or a pair of boots will also work well. Make your casual Fridays combo of comfort and style. Happy Friday!!


Mens 50s Retro Bowling Shirts
4. Summer Vibes

On bright sunny days pair your striped Bowling Shirt by layering it with a white plain tee and wear your tailored shorts as bottoms, showcasing your effortless style. Go for the casual sandals as the footwear and guys don’t forget to add sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright sunshine. Personally, this is one of my favorite Bowling shirt vintage outfit ideas. It showcases a perfect answer for how to remain hot on the hottest days.

What to wear with bowling shirts


5. Street Style Swagger

Add an element of street-style coolness by layering your Bowling Shirt over a graphic tee. Go for a pair of distressed jeans, adding a touch of urban edge. Slip into your favorite chunky sneakers, making a statement without saying a word. This outfit is ideal for street-style fashion lovers.


6. Date Night Delight

Make a lasting impression on your date night by choosing a subtle Black Bowling Shirt, displaying your charm and a great sense of fashion. Combine it with grey cargo, Read how you can style cargo in different ways that complement the color of your shirt. Complete the look with pastel-colored sneakers, ensuring your date night is as memorable as your style. This outfit is a promise of an unforgettable evening.


What to wear with black bowling shirt


7. Casual Outdoor Outings

Get ready for the outdoor outing by wearing a floral Bowling Shirt with cargo shorts. Go for loafers as we are keeping it simple for the footwear, combinig both fashion and comfort. Complete the look with the Fisher Cap. By Wearing this outfit you can head over to the coffee outing with friends or a casual day out with your Girlfriend. 

Bowling shirts for men


8. Dapper Party Attire

Upraise your party looks by opting for a silk Bowling Shirt, displaying richness and refinement. Pair it with black-washed denim jeans, this color will compliment every bowling shirt and also enhance the luxurious feel of the shirt. Complete the outfit with suede black Chelsea boots, adding a dapper charm at any event. This combination is definitely going to make you stand out in any crowd.



Incorporating these trendy Bowling shirt outfit ideas for men into your fashion collection ensures you're not just wearing clothes, you're making a statement, expressing your personality, and showcasing your unique style to the world. Remember, fashion is an art, and with Bowling Shirts, you have a vibrant palette to paint your style masterpiece. 




 1. How to style a bowling shirt:

Bowling shirts are versatile and casual. Pair them with jeans or chinos for a laid-back look. Tuck it in for a polished appearance or leave it untucked for a relaxed vibe. Add casual sneakers and accessorize a little to complete the style.

2. How to style a Black Bowling shirt:

A black bowling shirt offers a classic and edgy appeal. Pair it with light-colored jeans or khakis for contrast. Consider black or white sneakers and minimal accessories to maintain a sleek look. Layer with a denim jacket for extra style.

3. How to wear a bowling shirt:

Wear a bowling shirt like a button-down shirt. Fasten the buttons for a neat appearance or leave a few open for a casual touch. Tuck it in for a polished look or wear it untucked for a laid-back vibe. Experiment with different bottoms and shoes to create diverse outfits.

4. How to style vintage men's Bowling shirts:

Take up the retro charm of vintage bowling shirts by pairing them with high-waisted trousers or denim jeans. Opt for muted or earthy tones to complement the shirt's vintage aesthetic. Complete the look with classic loafers or vintage-inspired sneakers for an authentic vibe.
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